Bay of Islands Swordfish Club Inc

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The Bay of Islands Swordfish Club (Inc)

Clubrooms: The Strand, Russell / Marsden Road, Paihia

Phone: 09 403 7857 / Fax 09 403 7847

President: Bruce Smith



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The history of the Bay of Islands Swordfish Club goes back to 1918 with the founding of the Bay of Islands Kingfish Club. In 1924, the Kingfish Club was disbanded and the remaining members formed the Bay of Islands Swordfish and Mako Shark Club.

 During this time Zane Grey the American writer and fisherman came to the Bay of Islands and made it famous around the world with his book 'The Anglers El Dorado'.

The original boards used to record catches from 1925 to 1930 were found and restored and are now on display in the Russell Clubhouse, Zane Grey's name can be seen against many of the catches.

Around 1953, the name was changed again to the Bay of Islands Swordfish Club, the name under which the Club celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 1999.

The club is a founding member of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Inc being one of five visionary clubs.

The history of the Club, its anglers, boats and boatmen is almost the history of game fishing in New Zealand, from its first location on the wharf at Russell to now with Clubhouses in both Russell and Paihia. The many photos, trophies, mounts, rods and reels on display at both clubhouses provides an interesting viewing for both anglers and anyone interested in the art of fishing and local history.
No story of fishing in the Bay is complete without the history of the boats. On the walls of the Clubhouse are examples of the evolution of 'game boats' over the years.


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