Manukau Sport Fishing Club

 The Manukau Sport Fishing Club is a relatively young club which bases its activities around Auckland's West Coast and the Manukau Harbour.

In the season the Gamefishing off the Westcoast can be superb. Once across the Manukau Bar (which deserves all the respect of any bar crossing) a vast area which is largely untapped by recreational fishers is available.

The Manukau Harbour is huge and offers excellent fishing year round for a large variety of species. You can always find a possie out of the elements inside the harbour even if crossing the bar is not feasible.

The Club holds monthly meetings at 19.00 on the first Wednesday of the month at The Titirangi RSA, South Titirangi Rd, Titirangi.

New members are always welcome. If you are uncertain about a bar crossing the Club has plenty of members who are very experienced and are only too happy to 'hold your hand' until you are ready to tackle a crossing by yourself.

We hope to see you soon - Auckland's West Coast is a little known recreational fishing resource.