About Us

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New Zealand Sport Fishing Council is the oldest incorporated organisation representing recreational anglers. (See History)...


The NZSFC takes an active role in fisheries management and research. A fee of $2.00 per senior member and $1.00 per Junior member is donated and passed on as our support to the NZ Marine Research Foundation. Over the last few years the NZ Marine Research Foundation in conjunction with Blue Water Marine Research have conducted comprehensive POP & PAT tagging programs of Striped Marlin that have given us an insight into the behaviour of this sought after species.


Blue Water Marine Research Ltd (1997) was established by John Holdsworth and Pete Saul who together, have over 40 years experience in fisheries management and research. The business in based near the small fishing port of Tutukaka in northern New Zealand but projects have been undertaken around the country, from Fiordland to Whanganella Banks.


There have been many technological advances in the way marine species are studied and Blue Water Marine Research is a leader in the use of electronic fish tag technology in New Zealand. Fisheries management has also advanced.


The Quota Management System (QMS) has been effective in rationalising the commercial fleet but employs complex decision making and consultation processes. A good understanding of the legislative and research requirements is important to get the best results. We have considerable experience in fisheries research and management systems in New Zealand. This depth of knowledge has been useful in providing quality research and advice on fisheries and marine issues.


NZSFC (formerly the New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council) originally founded the NZ Recreational Fishing Council (NZRFC) in response to demand for angler representation and have funded it with many hundreds of thousands of dollars for nearly three decades; until several years ago when our members decided that their aspirations and requirements were not being met and that there were fundamental differences of opinion politically and solution-wise to the challenge of securing recreational rights and the future of recreational participation. NZSFC no longer funds the NZRFC but leaves it to individual clubs and individuals to decide. Central to many proposals and initiatives of the NZRFC has been a funding requirement or licence for recreational anglers.


NZSFC members have unanimously rejected such thinking as recently as September 2010 at its AGM and the NZSFC will continue through consultation with its members to make submissions and representation to the Minister for Primary Industries.


NZSFC will work with those groups and organisations where there is common thinking and demonstrated process and transparency within the organisation. NZSF has approved party status by the Minister for Primary Industries (formerly MFish).